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About us

New England Imaging Distribution LLC (NEID) is the authorized importer, distributor and customer service center for NOBLEX e-Optics in North America.


NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH continues a proud tradition in the development of optoelectronic products in the production facilities of Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss in Jena and later in the Thuringian Eisfeld, Germany.

150 years of success story with optical devices are an expression of a wealth of experience in optics, mechanics and electronics. For NOBLEX E-Optics it is both an incentive and an obligation to continue this tradition of Zeiss and Docter with passion and an innovative spirit.

Noblex History

We can't control passion and timing, but we can control equipment. It's good when you can rely on your equipment. NOBLEX E-Optics offers observation and target optics that are characterized by the highest quality standards. The interaction of optoelectronic know-how and fine mechanical precision form the basis for these high-performance products.

 Noblex Zeitstrahl Namensentwicklung


Developed in Thuringia, Germany

We combine tradition with modernity. The heart of our development beats at our Eisfeld site in Thuringia. This is where we create innovative products that meet the highest quality standards.

One brand: characterized by quality and innovation

At the Eisfeld site in Thuringia, high-performance optics for the premium segment are designed and constructed, and each individual piece is checked for quality: telescopic sights, reflex sights, binoculars and state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology make visible what otherwise remains hidden.

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