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NZ8 2,5-20x50 inception MHR

NZ8 2,5-20x50 inception MHR

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With an extra large zoom range

The successful NOBLEX inception rifle scope line is being expanded to include another model with 8x zoom. What is outstanding is the enormously increased magnification range of 2.5x to 20x in combination with the newly developed MHR reticle. This means that it is not only suitable for all-rounder conventional hunting in the open fields or in the dense forest. Thanks to the maximum magnification of 20 times, it often replaces a spotting scope for approaching game at greater distances or for hunting in the mountains. But it is also a true hybrid rifle scope, as it is also perfect for sport shooting. The tube diameter has been expanded to 34 mm and now ensures more adjustment range for safe shots up to 2,000 m (32 mils). Mind you, without a special installation with a forward tilt! Long range shooters will be impressed by the new height adjustment with up to three turns, which ensures precise adjustment of the reticle even at long distances. The “clicks” are easy to read and tactile and the turret can be adjusted to “Zero Stop”.

MHR reticle:
The new MHR (Mil-Hunting-Reticle) is located in the 1st image plane and offers the shooter a variety of options for estimating or measuring important parameters based on coverage dimensions. The positioning in the 1st image plane prevents any form of shifting of the point of impact during the change in magnification. Due to the system, it is clearly superior to comparable models with reticles in the 2nd image plane in this discipline. In the past, the targeted object was often obscured by the magnifying reticle. Thanks to a new production process, the reticle could be manufactured so delicately that the object is no longer superimposed, even at maximum magnification. With smaller  When magnified, it resembles a Plex reticle with a fine crosshair in the center.
At high magnification, the additional MRAD markings can be clearly seen and help the competitive shooter get the best possible performance from the weapon.


  • 8x magnification range from 2.5x to 20x
  • Co-magnifying, fine MHR reticle (1st image plane)
  • Hybrid rifle scope for hunting and sport shooting
  • No shift in point of impact during magnification change
  • New height adjustment (up to 3 turns) with clean, tactile “clicks” (optional fixation to one turn)
  • With parallax adjustment for clip-on night vision and thermal imaging devices
  • Zero stop
  • Zoom lever extended by 20%
  • Incl. “flip” lens and eyepiece caps
  • With reinforced outer housing - prepared for night vision and thermal imaging devices (without additional adapter)

Delivery scope:

  • "Flip" eyepiece and lens caps
  • Zero stop ring
  • Battery CR2032
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Warranty card
  • Operation manual
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